My grand-father was an Opera singer, he was my first inspiration for singing. But music had always been around my family. From Paris, my dad would fly to LA for business meetings and made sure he’d always swing by Tower Records to get the newest music nobody in Europe had heard of yet, for his runway shows (think Cameo, Danzig, etc…eclectic music from funk to rock). Can you remember the time before internet and satellite radio existed? My parents also made clothes for a lot of artists and musicians, who became friends and I can proudly say I saw a lot of live shows, which inspired me tremendously!
Singing brings me such joy and healing, it always saved me in more difficult times. I guess breath and sound is so vital. Vibrations just like colors of a painting, vibrations rebalance.
I sang and sing in rock bands, musicals, cabarets, rock operas, operettas, ceremonies, in my shower and in my car and it’s a blast!